Urinary Incontinence Treatment for the Elderly

Can’t hold back? Is nature calling to you? Do you often feel the urge to attend the restroom? FYI, I am not an elderly. It maybe hard to admit but I experience this from time to time. As people age, they may face different health problems. Different organ systems decline gradually and progressively. And for … Read more

Tips on Caring for Elderly Parents – Top 10

Looking after old person

Whether we like it or not and no matter how much we love our parents, we cannot stop them from growing old. And as they age, they will be experiencing some deterioration in their overall health: physically, mentally and even emotionally. The Unavoidable Decline Our parents, regardless of how old they are now, will continue … Read more

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain in the Elderly

Old woman with Back Pain

Lower back pain is very common in the elderly. A lot of our elderly residents in the nursing home are suffering from chronic lower back pain which impacts on their quality of life to a varying degree depending on the severity of their back pain. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why … Read more

10 Great Things About Getting Older

Happy old couple

Working in an aged care facility gives me a front row seat of what’s going on with old people’s lives. Some of our residents are very vocal about how they feel; physically, emotionally and even mentally. Oh yes, they love to talk….and with so much passion! For those who could no longer express how they … Read more

About Maria

Hi everyone, welcome to The GRAND Life website. A website dedicated to our GRANDPAS and GRANDMAS who are enjoying their GRAND life, may it be in their own home or in a nursing home! I have always dreamed of becoming a nurse since I was young but never did I imagine that it will be … Read more